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Most kitchens are not designed for the changes that occur as we age. The following tips can help the kitchen continue as a center of celebration in a home. · Make available a place to sit while working in the kitchen. Whether preparing detailed meals, or as a place to sit in case you feel faint, a well placed stool or chair, can make a great impact on staying independent in the Kitchen. · Many Kitchen Cabinets have small round handles, which make grasping and pulling harder. Hard to grip cabinet handles and knobs can be replaced with large, easy to grip knobs which can be purchased at most hardware stores. · Make sure that there is plenty of light available. Small under counter lamps bring light to counters and are easy to install. Make sure that light bulbs are changed regularly, especially as they begin to dim, or blow out. · Consider roll out shelves. Roll Out shelving brings all of the items in the cabinet out from inside the cabinet so that you do not have to reach as far into the back of the cabinet to retrieve items. · Use a Reacher to pull items off of higher shelves. In addition to reducing the risk of pulling a back muscle, this will help in keeping items from falling down upon you. · Clearly mark the off position on the stove and range. Often the markings on knobs will wear off with time, leaving the temperature settings barely legible. · Replace two handled faucet handles with a single lever style faucet, which does not require gripping to turn. Many models are available in most hardware stores. · If you are cooking and are called away from the kitchen, turn off the stove, and bring a reminder with you. A reminder could be something like an oven mitt, mixing spoon, or a cup. Product Designers are becoming more aware of these challenges and developing Kitchen Tools that help Older Adults live more independently. Most are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased through specialty catalogs and stores. Stepping Stone carries a large line of kitchen items such as the Pot and Pan Holder which assists in holding a pan still while stirring; a Milk Carton Holder which allows milk or orange juice to be poured from a carton without having to grip the carton itself; and Specialized Eating Utensils which have built up handles and can be bent to accommodate eating.